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Home N School is a network of preferred partnering real estate consultants who are also experienced parents in P1 registration matters. From selling your unit to buying your dream home for stay or investment, you are in good hands!

Click on the button below and fill up the form, an experienced (in both property sales and purchases and P1 registration matters) parent property consultant from Home N School will be assigned to assist you with your home search and will be accompanying your home search journey till the end!

You will receive a P1 welcome pack for your child and enrichment advices upon successful acquisition or sale of your dream home near your desired school!

Importance Of Staying Near School

When there is balloting in Phase 2B or Phase 2C for a school's Primary 1 registration, priority is given to Singaporeans or Permanent Residents residing near to the school. Staying near a school is one of the factors that determines your primary 1 child's registration, thus we cannot emphasize how important it is to choose a home near your desired school.

Photo Courtesy of Serious About Preschool

How P1 Balloting Works

The Primary 1 Balloting Exercise is every parent’s nightmare. It is a pure game of luck. However, parents can play a part in gaining extra chances in the balloting exercise. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the timeline to earn these precious chances. 

Photo Courtesy of Serious About Preschool

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