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Home N School is a network of preferred partnering property consultants who are also experienced parents or professionals experienced in housing matters for families. Being parents themselves, they specialize in helping families achieve their housing goals. Whether it's looking for your dream home in preparation for your child's P1 registration, selling your property to relocate to another or looking for investment properties for your family, the team from Home N School will be your ultimate choice to help you! Click on the button below, fill up the form and we will be in touch.

Some of Home N School featured property consultants (more in the team...)

Daphne Yong

Real Estate Professional with a Schooling Teen

As your family grows, your housing needs will evolve at different milestones of your life. Being a working mom, Daphne understands the benefits and importance of having a home near your child’s school. She remembers how it was like looking for a new home with a baby or toddler in tow! She loves children and is passionate about helping families find their ideal home that they can enjoy for years to come.

I joined the Real Estate industry as I have a keen interest in real estate and I personally experience how choosing and investing the right property can help me get my girls into the reputable primary school of our choice. When I first purchased my matrimonial home at Guilin View, without thinking so far ahead with family planning, especially with regards to the primary school for my child, I had a nervous breakdown after having my first born. I had done extensive research and property analysis of housing options near every reputable school.  My efforts finally paid off and I was successfully selected as a parent volunteer at one of the top 10 primary schools in Singapore vying with 100 over applicants that year. I got my daughter into that school. I can help you achieve your goals and provide a good head start for your children. I am happy to share my experience with you and help you with your dream home near your dream school.

Rose Ling 

A Kiasu Parent and Real Estate Agent with 2 Primary School Girls

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Madalene Chua (2).png

Madalene Chua

Real Estate Professional with 2 Teenage Boys

I believe that buying a property is an important life event. Being a working mum, juggling between parenthood and work life, I can’t stress enough the importance and benefits of having your dream home close to your children’s school. Let me assist you and share my experience through this journey of getting your ideal home. Be it selling to relocate or buying to invest or stay, in line with your family plannings, I will be there with you.

Sherry Yeo

Real Estate Professional with 2 kids

As a mother to two wonderful children, Sherry understands how important it is to be able to provide a better lifestyle for our loved ones. One of the biggest decision for parents is deciding the school for their children. It is our top priority to plan ahead for the best options available for the better future of our kids. The competition for good schools is increasing every year. I will do my best to share with you my extensive research, knowledge and market insights as it is crucial to choose the right property catered to the growing needs of your family.

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Mister Boon

Well Recognised Real Estate Expert and Author

Having more than 15 years’ experience, Mister Boon is a well-recognised real estate expert and the author of the book "The Landlord Club - Untold Strategies to Maximise Rental Property Returns". Parents, who are looking for properties near to their children's schools or planning to sell their homes in order to relocate or upgrade love to seek his professional advice as he is well versed & had immense experience in assisting parents secure their dream homes in the vicinity of their selected schools. Currently, he is also leading a team of more than 80 real estate salespersons and is often the go-to expert when it comes to landlord/tenant & sales issues, including with his own team members and other real estate salespersons.

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